L: You know how Ally is like super super sweetheart oh my gosh, I’m from Miami and people here aren’t like that. So when I first met Ally, I was like… oh… like, FAKE. Whatever. But then I actually got to know her I was like wait a minute, dude she’s just a genuinely sweet, like she’s a sweetheart that’s what she is.”

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"… I hang out with Dylan and listen to him play his guitar… yeah and I still come to set to pick Dylan up and take him home…tuck him into bed, read him a bedtime story."

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Ally imitating Camila
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Ally being… Ally

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So that’s a no no, I’m a maybach and you’s a volvo, this convo be like Dre. (x)

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Camila being a clingy girlfriend (literally)

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